Love to Rumble.


Do you remember the one car that you fell in love with? It’s something that happens to all car enthusiasts and will torment our mind, body, and soul until we finally own that beautiful piece of metal that made us fall. For Andrew Johnson that love has always been the Subaru WRX. Ever since Andrew was 12 years old the flat four beast has been the eye of his affection and the less popular, rarely seen wagon has been the one true solution to his love sickness. Well the time had come for Andrew about 2 years ago and he got the keys to a 2007 WRX Wagon, and the honeymoon began.

Now, along the dream road of the perfect car the modification ideas begin to form. Andrew had a set up in his mind and decided to start with an exhaust, in his mother’s garage, during a dinner party. Needless to say the unexpected guest got more than a roast, they got to experience the product of Andrew’s work in the form of a raging boxer engine echoing throughout the house. Johnson was hooked and had to keep going, the speed flu hit hard and fast and ended up with the WRX receiving a plethora of engine upgrades included an upgraded turbo. Of course with each love story there is always heartache. The stock five speed transmission had enough and decided to fail leaving the car motionless and Andrew heartbroken.

When anyone gets their heart broken a lot of time is usually needed, and depending on how much of a chick you are a lot of rom coms and ice cream. For Andrew he decided the only way to fix his broken organ was to make sure it would never happen again, enter the bullet proof STI six speed transmission. A few long nights and the love affair was back on! The Subie was back on the streets and with the performance in check it was now time to get the appearance of the car just right.

The first step in getting this romance looking right was the ride height. Andrew decided to keep his love in the state of Florida and go with a set of BC Racing coil overs (extreme drop kit to be exact). A set of Work XD-9 wheels rounded out the car, and with the size being 18×10 +18 all around the car sat perfect. The interior was graced with a set of Porsche 944 sheep skin seat covers and a hand painted headliner! The dedication to this car certainly shows, Andrew has poured his heart into the Subie and she delivers the love back by always giving that rumble rumble sound!


The Low Down:

Forced Performance HTA 68 turbo
TurboXS frontmount(thermalcoated white)
Deatschwerks 1000CC injectors
Deatschwerks 300Lph fuel pump
Grimmspeed EBCS
Grimmspeed Up-Pipe
Grimmspeed External Dump pipe
Tial 38mm EWG
Perrin Intake
Perrin Catted downpipe
Blitz Nur Spec R catback
NGK 1step colder plugs
STI 6speed transmission
STI Drive shaft
R180 rear differential
DCCD Pro center differential controller
Competition Clutch stg2
ACT Streetlight flywheel
Kartboy short throw and bushings
Group N transmission mount
Cobb Accessport with custom tune by Mike @ Phattbotti Tuning


BC Racing BR Seires Extreme Drop Kit with 12/12k custom springs
Perrin Anti-lift kit
DBA 4000 slotted rotors
Work Xd-9 18×10 +18
Nitto Neo-Gen 225 40 18

Ebay lip(cause I go through about one a month)
Rear spats
Shaved roof rails
Full wiper delete

Porsche 944 sheepskin seat covers
STI shifter trim and shift knob
Red backlight conversion
One-off rear strut bar
Headliner is currently being hand painted, with heavy influence from Hokusai.

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