Nemesis Porsche


James Maloney of Rochester, New York believes in this core philosophy of life: everyone has one shot at living so, if you have the opportunity to execute a daydream or fantasy, do it. Just . . . do it.

James channeled his inner fourteen-year-old self for ideas on what a Porsche should be and, to live out that fantasy, he first needed to find the right car. What he ultimately found was a 1979 Porsche 911 SC that was originally built in Stuttgart, which was then part of West Germany. This sweet R.O.W. car was imported via the gray market to Miami the same year. By looking at the modifications made to the vehicle in the 1980s and 1990s, James estimates that a series of three people then bought the car. In 2009, he became owner number four.

Hold on, though, because there’s more to the dream. “My personal goal,” James says, “is to have a Porsche that can hang with the new 911s in speed and handling, with some of the classic looks. I never want to pull up to a car that looks or drives like mine.” And, how does he drive it? “I drive it,” he confides, “like I stole it.”

Once he owned the car, he began making his own modifications, starting out by moving the shifter. Future plans include upgrading to rear coil overs and putting in twin turbos, plus he will “restyle the front to be a little more modern, keeping the large headlights.”

James chopped the roof off by 4 inches, dropped the car by 3 inches–and then widened it by a foot. The exterior is satin black, with a GT2 wing full custom wide body. The interior? James went for “minimalism,” with a Baja-type internal communication system that is always on, with an iPhone, two-way radio and radar inputs.

Anything else you want to add, James? There sure is!

He definitely wants to thank his wife for “putting up with my addictions,” along with 3E-Photography (“Collin Gray has an incredible eye”) and Dan from Reactive Chassis Company. So, all of the above can consider themselves thanked!

The bottom line is that, unless otherwise noted, James has done all of the work on the 2,285 pound, 500+ horsepower car himself. It rides three inches off the ground without real time adjustable ride height and boasts the following:

  • Modified LS6 V8 from a 2002 Corvette (James pulled out the old air cooled
  • flat 6)
  • Custom fuel system
  • Custom cooling system
  • Custom wiring harness and program
  • Full cage for structural rigidity and safety (Reactive Chassis Company built
  • the cage)
  • Custom body work
  • Stage 2 pressure plate from Kennedy Engineered Products
  • Stage 2 clutch from Kennedy Engineered Products
  • Skid plates
  • Larger diameter tires and wheels
  • Fronts 285/40
  • Rears 295/35
  • Realigned weight via corner weighing: 45/55 split
  • Custom exhaust
  • Porsche 930 brakes
  • 32mm rear torsion bars
  • 22mm front torsion bars

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