Keepin it Clean


For most of us, our obsession with cars started at a young age. Along the way I’m sure that most of us have heard the same thing over and over again, “You will grow out of it one day.” Little do some know, though, that once you’ve got the modding itch it’s not something that is ever satisfied. A prime example would be the owner of this 240sx, Gerald Slaughter. You would think that you would one day hit an age where you get tired of all of the long nights and spending your hard earned cash on your car. Not Gerald! At the age of 40, he is still modding and building!

When I first met Gerald I’ll admit, this S14 wasn’t nearly as clean as it is now. No one even believed he had it because for the first 2 months I knew him it sat in his garage uncompleted. Finally, he brought it out and though it was a bit rough around the edges…the thing drove just fine. Proud that he got it running, all of his friends wanted to see it taken to another level. And that’s just what he did.

Gerald decided he wanted to repaint the car while adding in some OEM parts only offered in Japan. Once the car was repainted and looking showroom worthy again he wanted to give the car a more aggressive stance. He didn’t want to give up his Enkei RPF1’s though, being that it’s the wheels he always wanted on the car. So he threw some spacers on and called it a day. The difference that made was astonishing!

Gerald drove the car like this for some time but that whole time he new that something needed to be done about his engine bay, badly! While the SR20 in the car ran great and made decent power, it was not the best looking bay in the world. With zip ties everywhere and duct tape holding few things together, it really hurt the appearance of this car. Knowing he wanted to redo the bay, Gerald struggled with whether or not he wanted to do a full tuck and shave. Eventually, he decided to just do a tuck the wires and just do a minor shave to give is a bit more of a clean look but still functional.

Gerald is happy with the look of his S14 for now. He says there are plans to pull the motor back out and do a complete tuck and shave of the bay. Other than that though, Gerald says that he is satisfied with the car as a whole. My favorite thing about this whole car/build is one simple thing, what motivated you to build your car? Gerald’s answer, “I just wanted a clean import.” Bravo Gerald, you definitely achieved it.

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