Billetproof 2013


One thing that I’ve noticed at car shows such as Nurotag, Simply Clean, and others like them is… When someone shows up with an old hot rod or rat rod, people flock to it. And I can FORGET about getting any good shots of it, haha! What this has shown me, however, is that people always go back to their roots – it’s like an unseen attraction, a gravitational force that you wouldn’t believe if you hadn’t seen it with your own eyes.



Hot rods, rat rods, Kustoms… That’s where it all started for us, whether we are comfortable admitting it or not! I know it may be a little hard to see, but your slammed out vinyl wrapped Lexus on Vossens wouldn’t be the way it is if it wasn’t for those little Model As and Chevy Bel Airs of yesteryears, and the people who made them into badass rides! So, with that being said, I’d like to introduce you all to Billetproof – the world’s least important car show.



The Don Garlits Museum of Drag Racing was host to the event yet again, with the lawn full of everything from air cooled Volkswagens, to gassers, to old rusted out Fords. The day had a gloomy start and rain seemed eminent – but that is exactly what set this show apart from the rest.



No one covered their carburetors or tried to make a speedy exit as most would at other shows… No, people here take the weather as it comes. A little extra rust can add quite a bit of character.




The real beauty of these types of shows is the individuality. No one car is the same, or even similar to another. And do you know why? Because this is what they REALLY meant by “built not bought.” Need a door handle? Make it. A new set of wheels? Frankenstein some pieces together. Your hood emblem fell off? I’m sure I’ve got something laying around here…




The other great thing about these shows is, of course, the people. These men and women are well versed in the rides, and chances are, many others as well. Walking around you’ll see old men pointing out the smallest details in these rats and knowing exactly what year, make, and model that particular part is originally from. You can’t find that kind of stuff on the internet – no, you’ll have to find one of these living, breathing, gearhead encyclopedias and ask… And Billetproof is the place to find them.


Billetproof makes appearances in Florida, California, Minnesota, Michigan, Washington, and Texas. Go to for more information on the show nearest you! Billetproof would like to remind you before registering your ride,

“this is an event for those of us who build our own traditional style rods and customs on a limited budget. NO billet-clad, digital gauge, pastel graphic, named after a fifties song trailer queens!

Keep in mind that we have the right to refuse any vehicle WITHOUT A REFUND, so read the rules carefully and decide for yourself. Don’t cry when we turn you away, tears stain billet.”

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