Prison Meister


Photos and Words by Robbie Effron

Ever since I ran across Sam’s car for the first time, I had been itching to shoot it. Since you don’t see many IS350’s that are this clean and done right, this IS sets itself apart from all the others and really sits in a league of it’s own.

The first mod on the car was an F-Sport axle back exhaust and that was just the start of the long list of current mods, and future mods, Sam has for the car. He bought the Lexus brand new in 2009 off of the JM Lexus lot and has loved it ever since. It has been 4 years since Sam bought the car and he never thought it would come as far as it has. He especially enjoys all of the modifications done to the car and also the lifestyle it brings along with it.

The IS plays 2 roles both as Sam’s show car and his daily with a long commute from Parkland, FL to Hollywood, FL every day. This is what we love seeing here at Lowered Lifestyle. People who DRIVE their cars and make sure all that hard work really pays off.

From the various Junction Produce interior accessories, to the 3 piece Work Meister S1 wheels, everything about this very special IS350 is tastefully done and it all flows together seamlessly. There’s not too little and not too much to this build so it fits perfectly in the “tastefully modded” category. Sam really hit the nail on the head with the JDM VIP look for his IS!

The fender work done on the car is flawless and the fitment is aggressive but at the same time it’s classy or otherwise perfect. Sam would like the stance to be even more aggressive, which is part of his future plans for the car. This car looks amazing whether it is rolling or sitting still and that can’t always be said for daily driven show cars. Sam’s dedication and hard work toward the looks and performance of this IS350 really shows and we couldn’t be happier for the opportunity to showcase it.

Sam has big plans coming to the car soon that will give it a whole new look! While those plans remain a secret to the public, Sam’s goal is to keep his lowered beauty as a daily until it reaches higher mileage. Once it gets up there in miles he will then retire it’s title as daily driver and keep it as a show car / weekend cruiser.

Work Meisters have always been Sam’s favorite wheels so it’s very fitting that he chose those for his build. He loves the unique spoke design and the polished step lip and their all around “presence”. His motivation behind the build was to incorporate the Meisters into a clean and aggressive setup, and he definitely hit this one out of the park.

Sam would like to thank his friend Jon Fine for getting him into the car scene and exposing him to ‘stanced’ cars and also car meets. He would also like to shout-out to his crew Sovereignty (@team_sovereignty on Instagram), his good friend Tony at IBEstamped, and a shout-out to Club Lexus for keeping it real in the Lexus and car enthusiast community.

We here at Lowered Lifestyle would like to thank Sam for the opportunity to show the world his build. We will keep an eye on his progression and we can’t wait to see what he comes up with next!

Specific Modifications


Engine: Takeda short ram intake; F-sport axle back exhaust

Interior: Junction Produce accessories

Exterior: Vertex front lip; Vertex side skirts; GFX rear lip; 2012 Headlamp upgrade; ISF style LED taillights; Roof wrapped gloss back; Roof spoiler;

Suspension/Wheels: Work Meister S1; Megan coilovers; Megan rear camber kit; SPC adjustable front ball joints; ARP extended wheel studs; Volk Racing extended lug nuts

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