Fully Functional // Jordan’s STI


Photos by Andy Eineichner, Words by Matt Phillips

When it comes to modding a Subaru, there’s a fine line that people walk along. This line is the line separating “form and function”. We’re big advocates of saying that a car can be both, regardless of what the purists might have to say. Jordan Semansky is one of those people who have pushed the limits of his Subaru STI and he has accomplished both the form that we all crave, along with the function to compliment it. He bought the car from a sheriff back in January 2011 and it’s been an ongoing project of his ever since. His first modifications on the STI was a set of Stance Pro Comp coilovers, along with a set of Status Ring GT carbon seats. From there, he’s built the car into something that turns heads and performs like no other.

Jordan’s motivation to build the car was brought on by the passing of his father. He took it upon himself to build something that his Dad would be proud of. His father had an impressive fleet of cars of his own and now it’s Jordan’s turn to carry out the family tradition. He chose the car, a Hawkeye STI, because he wanted to build something a little out of the norm. He wanted something that he could have fun with on a daily basis without the worry of it breaking. Jordan wanted something fast, for when he wants to have fun, and he set his eye on a goal of 500 wheel horsepower.

Needless to say, he exceeded that goal by over 100 horsepower. His future goals are to include a full cage and a V-mount setup in the car. Jordan would like to give a special thanks to P&L Motorsports in Illinois for all of the work that they’ve done. All of the local guys in Milwaukee that are always down to hang out and do car stuff with him (Mike, Matt, Nate, Dan, Paul, and the rest of the guys). He would also like to thank Andy E for being rad and shooting this photos, and also for doing burnouts. He would also like to thank the rest of his friends in Lower Standards for being such a cool group of guys. Head on down to the end of the photos to check out Jordan’s extensive modification list.



-P&L Stage 3+ short block
-CP forged/coated pistons
-Pauter X-beam forged connecting rods
-O-ringed block
-ACL race bearings
-Balanced/knifed edged crankshaft
-Ported cylinder heads
-GSC 272 cams
-Supertech Valve Train Set
-ARP Headstuds
-P&L Rotated Turbo Kit
-Forced Performance HTA82 turbo
-Ceramic coating on up pipe and turbo housing and headers
-Stock TGV’s deleted
-P&L FMIC piping with Perrin intercooler core
-TIAL Q 50mm BOV
-Walbro 485 pump
-Moroso aluminum oil pan
-Exedy hyper triple disk clutch
-Exedy lightened flywheel
-Cusco engine & trans mounts
-P&L race application 11mm oil pump
-Mishimoto aluminum radiator
-Samco radiator hoses
-NGK 1step colder copper spark plugs
-Mishimoto catch can
-Mishimoto power steering tank
-Moroso coolant expansion tank
-Cosworth pitch stop
-PTP turbo blanket
-GTSpec Equal Length headers
-Injector Dynamics 2000cc injectors
-P&L fuel rail/line kit
-ARC alternator cover
-Perrin radiator stays
-Beatrush radiator shroud

Tuned on 93 and E85 by JR Tuned

-450hp/415tq on 93
-615hp/600tq on E85


-Status Racing carbon ring GT seats
-Planted seat base with Status Racing side mounts
-RallyInovation Harness bar
-Takata harnesses
-WRX Limited interior
-WC Lathe Werks custom 7″ titanium shift knob
-NRG Short hub
-Works Bell Yoshioka Special Edition Quick Release
-Nardi Suede 350mm deep corn wheel
-ATI clock pod
-Prosport Wideband AFR gauge
-Prosport Boost gauge
-Prosport EGT gauge
-AEM oil pressure gauge
-AEM oil temp gauge


-OEM Subaru V-limited lip
-KS-tech hood scoop delete with louvre plate
-ForceWorkz carbon voltex rep diffuser
-ForceWorkz carbon side skirt extensions
-Do-Luck Type-2 wing with 80mm risers
-Karlton fender flares
-JDM v7 taillights
-Carbon fiber roof vane
-Prova blue wide-view door mirrors

-Rotiform SJC 18×11.5 +10 / 295/30 Falken 453
-Stance pro comp coilovers
-Gtspec front & rear strut bar
-Gtspec trunk brace
-Gtspec tie brace
-Beatrush subframe
-TIC klunk killer race bushings
-TIC transmission bushings
-Cobb shifter bushings
-Custom PRT lateral links

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