Disturbing the Peace // Devan’s Evo X.


When most people hear “Female built”, they might think similar thoughts. A car that’s slightly lowered on plasti-dipped wheels and an “Illest” sticker on the window. Before that image gets embedded in your mind, allow me to introduce you to Devan Shiels. She is the owner of a slammed, extremely clean wide body EVO X.

I’ve known Devan for a while now, about two years, and I’ve seen her EVO go through 4 setups and her current setup just kills it. Most EVO’s in the scene are either all about flying around the track at ridiculous speeds, or all about being as close to the ground as possible. In Devan’s case, she has perfectly combined the best of both worlds into her EVO X. Approaching the car, you’ll notice the Chargespeed Type 1 body kit staring you down with it’s seamless curves and aggressive styling. Devan has had 3 different sets of wheels on her car over the years, and with her current wheels, Devan chose a set of Watercooled Ind CC5 measuring in at a jaw dropping 19×11.5 +10 on all four corners.

In order to fit these massive wheels, Devan fitted a Chargespeed Type 1 widebody kit and damn, does it fit the car perfectly. All of this aggressive styling isn’t just for looks, though. Devan combined the stance look and the track style power into her build and once you lift the hood, you get a very usable 365HP and 363TQ. That may not seem like too much, but Devan has plans on getting those numbers climbing even higher real soon.

Devan’s car was tuned by Moore Automotive Inc which also provided a custom Moore intake system and upper intercooler piping. Also fitted to the car is a 3.5″ ETS 3 intercooler and a 3.5″ ETS V2 Extreme straight pipe with a test pipe also fitted. With that said, Devan’s EVO absolutely screams like hell, spitting flames with each downshift, and disturbing the peace anywhere she desires.

Sitting inside Devan’s EVO, you’ll notice your body being hugged by a pair of Stätus Racing carbon fiber fixed back seats. Whipping around corners, you’ll notice your body not moving even the slightest bit thanks to the seats. To add a bit more of a personal touch, Devan fitted a simple white leather Grip Royal steering wheel and a Coors Light beer tap shift knob.

So now that this write up is over, hopefully I changed what comes up in your mind when you hear the words “female built”! Special thanks to Devan for letting me shoot her beautiful EVO!

Full modification list:

  • Chargespeed Type 1 Body
  • Chargespeed Type 1 Wide Body
  • Seibon Carbon Fiber OEM Hood
  • VIS Racing Demon Carbon Trunk
  • WaterCooledInds CC5 19×11.5 +10
  • ETS 3 1/2″ Intercooler
  • ETS V2 Extreme 3 1/2″ Straight Pipe with test pipe.
  • BC Racing Coilovers
  • Custom Moore Automotive Intake/upper intercooler pipes
  • Synapsis BOV
  • Stätus Racing Carbon Fiber Fixed Back seats
  • Works Bell hub and quick release with Grip Royal White Leather steering wheel
  • Coors Light Beer Tap Shifter
  • 4B11 Smoked JDM LED Tail Lights
  • Moore Automotive Tuned:
    • 365 HP / 363 TQ
    • 26 PSI.

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