Dubs in the Valley // Event Coverage


What started 8 years ago has quickly become one of the most fun events of the summer. Dubs in the Valley is more of a gathering of friends than it is a car show. With awards like “Dang!” and “Whoa!”, it’s no secret that DIV is more about having fun and hanging out than it is about showing off. But don’t get it twisted, Dubs in the Valley also showcases the finest builds, lowest cars, and above all else, the cleanest cars the Midwest has to offer.

If you somehow haven’t seen this by now, Team Eurotrash drove their VR6 turbo swapped 911 all the way from Kentucky to attend DIV.

The main event was Saturday the 19th with a pre-party the night before. I wasn’t able to make the pre-party but based on the hangovers the next day it must’ve been a good time. We arrived at the Beckett’s restaurant parking structure where the show was moved up to the top level this year due to outgrowing the lower section. What I thought was an early arrival was still late when I saw rows of outstanding cars already lining the aisles.

This year saw a pretty big growth in the Exhibition class with a Work Equip’d Evo, a VIP’d Lexus, an old T-Bucket, and even some good ol’ American muscle.

The Lower Standards crew from Milwaukee also had quite a few cars on display at DIV, including these 3 VW’s

The man to thank for the Euro Hangar extravaganza in Michigan every year, Scott Hart, had his mk4 on display as well.

John Campbell brought out his unbelievable Corrado that he’s been building for years.

The RDC Autoworks/Lower Standards booth was right in the middle of everything and had a constant stream of people coming and going to check out their always impressive builds.

And their main attraction, everyone’s favorite beer drinker, Ryan was there to hang out and make everyone laugh.

The interior on the black WRX was as eye catching as anything else at the show, and recently got the same outer space treatment to the underside of its hood.

Keep your eyes out for this one. This STI will be getting its own feature here in the near future.


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