Import Alliance 2014 // Event Coverage


One of the best parts about Import Alliance is its lack of competition, there are no prizes, no awards, no winners and no losers. There’s no one at the gate telling you where to park, no one telling you you can’t come in and show off your hard work. As you pull through the gates of the Kentucky Speedway, one can’t help but think about the usual residents consisting of motor homes and lifted trucks, but this weekend a very different group graces its infield. With more parking than one can imagine being occupied the show only covers a fraction of available space, and this focuses attention to the seas of hard work, late nights, and spent paychecks.IMG_2050

Walking around the endless rows of cars it was hard to focus attention to one make or model, despite the quantity no two cars were alike. Unique combinations were left and right, from purpose built track cars to pristine show cars, Import Alliance had everything, even some homegrown ingenuity with lack of parts support for certain vehicles. Whether the car had thousands invested, or just a few hundred, it was clear that it would be driven home by the happiest owner it has ever had.IMG_2033

One thing that is often forgotten with many car enthusiasts is that we must remember that every car you walk by at a show is someones prized possession. These cars are what we love about opening up the garage door in the morning, despite ones budget or tastes, the passion is what brings us together on the weekend.IMG_2038IMG_2029IMG_2049IMG_2042IMG_1999IMG_2001IMG_2004IMG_2013IMG_2015IMG_1991IMG_1985IMG_1983IMG_2014

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