Midwest Masterpiece // Zach’s STI


Buying someone else’s car and making it your own is no easy task. However, Zach did just that when he picked up this Satin White Pearl 2007 STI. He flew out to Maryland to buy a “stanced” STI that he believed could be turned into a neckbreaker, drove it home to Milwaukee, then immediately tore it apart. Zach put the car back to stock until the end of winter while stockpiling parts to go on once the snow melted and temperatures back to bearable levels. After all of that time, the search for the perfect wheels was under way.

JR Tuned himself, so the car was running right with the few engine mods it already had. The STI needed new rear spats along with some body and paintwork before it was a good canvas for Zach to make his masterpiece. While ordering new items, he decided to save a few of the parts that came on the car already since they were items that he would have ordered anyways. After a few months, the majority of the mods on this STI were stacked to the ceiling in Zach’s basement, waiting to get put to use.

The wheels that eventually made their way into Zach’s hands were a set of Watercooled Ind MD1’s. Measuring in at 10” all around, quite a bit of camber was required to fit them under the STI’s wheel arches, but Zach knew exactly what he was doing when he ordered the custom sized wheels. The next step, once the wheels are ready to be sold, will be a set of fully custom wheels built to Zach’s specs.

In the future, Zach plans to bring the car up to 400 horsepower at the wheels. Nothing too over the top since the car is daily driven, although you would never guess after seeing how spotless every inch of this Subaru is. Zach took a lot of inspiration from the West and East coast car scenes and brought it home to this Midwest Masterpiece.

First and foremost I would like to thank my crew and family Function:error! as well as the local clubs that never stop welcoming me into their circles. The never ending support from all the local photographers for the beautiful pictures, and the entire local scene that constantly supports me and this car. It is absolutely humbling to be able to have my car featured, and most definitely is reigniting the fire for me to take this to the next level.”

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