Living a High Maintenance Lifestyle // Part 1

 What does it mean to live a high maintenance lifestyle? In the eyes of High Maintenance Crew members, it’s to always be a step ahead of the game, being unique, never following the trends and always setting the trends. When I first joined High Maintenance crew I knew there was something different about this crew than any other crew on the east coast. They were a great group of guys who not only shared the same passion for cars but looked to accomplish the same goal, making a name for themselves. In this feature of High Maintenance Crew I decided to split up the feature into two parts, the first part featuring Kevin Nicholson’s Scion FRS. The final part will feature the man himself, founder of High Maintenance Crew, Quenten Raines’ Nissan 350z.
I first got the idea of featuring High Maintenance Crew when I took notice of the incredible builds finally coming together. When I decided to bring up the idea to Quenten Raines (Founder), he was excited to finally get some spotlight on the amazing crew which had been in the works for years. Located in the Washington DC area, High Maintenance Crew has over 18 vehicles located in Maryland, DC, Virginia, New York and Tennessee. However due to my location I decided to shoot these two vehicles which I though had not only come a long way but deserved some well needed recognition for their amazing builds.
When I first spoke with Kevin I asked him if he had any idea where he wanted to do his feature of his Scion FRS and he told me there was a perfect spot not too far from his house that I will probably like. As you can see for yourselves, I loved the location he chose. Not only was there no traffic at all, except for an occasional car every 20 minutes. We had all the time in the world to make the best of the amazing sunset and perfect car. This road sat on top a hill overlooking a vast amount of farmland which made for an amazing background in the photos.
One of my favorite parts about this car which sets it apart from any other Rocketbunny FRS is this amazing choice of color. This minty wrap was done only 2 weeks before this shoot was done and I must say this car stands apart from the crowd. As I was driving my car behind him the entire time all I could notice was the vast amount of neck breaking going on as people watched this car go by. Usually I notice people constantly breaking their necks looking at my car, so I was pretty disappointed my car was getting ignored to say the least. However I didn’t mind sharing the attention one bit because I will admit I was breaking my neck the entire time during the photoshoot.

When I saw the car for the first time the first thing that caught my eye was the ridiculous size of the lip on these set of Work Wheels! Talking to Kevin about the car I know his favorite part is the Rocketbunny kit and who doesn’t love a great wide body, but wow I still can’t get over these wheels. I own a set of Work Wheels myself and I absolutely love them but I could never image owning a set of Work Wheels with a lip so deep. I remember the first time I heard Kevin was getting these and he waited nearly four months before he got them in the mail, I must say it was worth the wait!

As we got closer to the end of the shoot we saw this bridge leading into a forest which we thought would be the perfect way to end the shoot. One of Kevin’s first modifications to the car when he first bought it two years ago was to paint the headlight housings white. Originally the car was white to begin with before it was wrapped in this minty color. The minor touch of teeth in the bumper where the grill used to be adds a good bit of character to the car in my opinion to make sure people know to stay out of the way of this beast!
When Kevin first bought the car his original plans were to strip the entire interior and completely build the car for the track, however plans ultimately changed when he got a lot busier. His plans for the car now is to keep building it for stance and show. As you might have noticed there aren’t too many shots of the interior because like I said earlier it was being built for the track and the car is completely stripped down to bear metal. Now that Kevin has decided to build it for the show he will add in another bucket seat in addition to his Bride seat already in the car and install a full roll-cage in the car.
When shooting a feature I always look for the minor details that car enthusiasts always add into their builds which some people might just overlook. It’s always the minor details that go unnoticed that I love capturing and showing to readers. In these minor changes you can see the updated badges, neo-chrome lug nuts and some amazing wide body fitment happening on this FRS! Kevin already told me that within the next couple weeks he is going to keep working on perfecting the fitment on the FRS by adding some camber and getting the wheels fitted.
Our last shot together happened here along this wooded area passing across the bridge. In my final shot all I wanted to do was showcase the entire car and all its beauty. Don’t think this is the end though, before we ever did this shoot we had a failed attempt at a photoshoot due to mother nature but that didn’t stop us. So enjoy these “bloopers” of a photoshoot which was ruined by the rain.
In this last “blooper” you can see our audience breaking necks.
Don’t forget to visit to see the rest of their builds.
Special thanks to: F3 Auto for all their hard work on the wrap
You can also follow Kevin on Instagram @_K1LL1ONAIRE_
Modification List:
Cusco Rear Lower Control Arms
Cusco Engine Brace
Cusco Front Power Brace
Cusco Front & Rear Strut Bar
Megan Toe Arms
RacerX Front Lower Control Arms
Camber Bolts
BC Coilovers
Bride Zeta III Seat
Flossy Shift Knob
Agency Power Harness Bar
NRG Quick Release with Hub
Momo Steering Wheel
G-Force 4 Point Harness
Rocketbunny Overfenders
Carbon Toyota Emblems
Hexis Vinyl Wrap
Custom Painted Headlights
Work Meister M1 3 Piece Wheel
(18×12 -50, 18×11 -35)
Photographer: Alex White
Instagram: @tu_alex

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