WekFest Miami // Event Coverage


WekFest: noun. Pronounced “week-fest.”
1. An upscale, organized event for the automotive community, a place where all enthusiasts can visit and share their common interest.
See also: Weksos




For the first time ever, Wekfest took its tour down to South Beach, Miami – a place as unique – if not more – than its hometown of San Fransico, California. The Miami Beach Convention Center housed around 400 pre selected vehicles (out of around 900 who registered to be selected). When entering the building it was made clear that Wekfest holds true to their word in providing an upscale, organized event. Quality is more important than quantity in these events.




As a member of the Lowered Lifestyle team, I’ve been to events of all sizes and scales, and I feel like this one took the best of everything and combined it into one. It’s exclusive – only a few vehicles were selected to represent the Miami Elites. Walking around I heard some complaints about the low quantity, but just as in life it’s all about how you look at it. I think this gives you the opportunity to pour over each individual build to see exactly why that vehicle was chosen. What made it unique, why it stood out, and just how much love and personality was forced into the hunks of metal that sit before you.




The event was certainly upscale, taking place on South Beach itself in an enormous convention center whose size was made even more obvious by all the space in between the vehicles. Clean floors, air conditioning, and food onsite are not common things at Florida events.




Vendors featured industry leaders such as Vossen Wheels (also the main sponsor of Wekfest), RodSpeed Inc., Strasse Wheels, and us! Official models Elissa Alva and Vivian Chau were also on site.




The event ended with everyone gathered together for an award ceremony, with judging done throughout the event. Awards were passed out which covered the various categories of those picked to be a part of the show such as Best Euro, Best VIP, Best of Show, Best Engineered and so on.




On a side note – the amount of support shown for Lowered Lifestyle on this day was heartwarming. You are the reason we do what we do. Without you, we are nothing. On behalf of the entire LL Team, thank you for for your support.



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