Wekfest East 2015 // Event Coverage


Photos by: Billy Gaffney, Joey Gaffney, Aidan Templin, & Toby Kessler

Words by: Billy Gaffney

DSC_0092-2Wekfest East

Not many people will understand just how much a car show means to the people who attend. Whether you’re an owner, photographer, or spectator, the day your favorite car show rolls around, you know it’s gonna be a good one.

Wekfest EastDSC_0073

Not many car shows can brag about having an international reach. They may have a few shows in the same general vicinity once or twice a year but often don’t go much further than that. Seven years ago the creators of Wekfest, while sitting in a parking garage at their local San Fransisco car meet, had a dream.  What if they could tour the world showcasing cars from all different stretches of life? Their dreams soon became reality when Wekfest left their California roots and started traveling across the country. They jumped from a once a year car show, to a six stop tour across the USA showcasing the nation’s finest cars.

Wekfest EastWekfest East

In 2013 the tour went international for the first time, making a stop in Japan to host a show. In no more than 5 years the guys and gals of Wekfest turned a SF parking garage meet into an international automotive tour dedicated to showcasing communities. Wekfest is very well known for their strict approval for show cars and vendors. Whenever the approvals get sent out, you know the committee did an awesome job.


Even the parking lot of Wekfest is something to behold. Amazing builds can be seen everywhere and we were not even in the show area yet. The convention center doors opened to the public, like the automotive equivalent of heaven’s opening gates. After attending the past 4 years of Wekfest (and countless other shows) I can honestly say that this year was one of the best.

Wekfest EastWekfest East

The floor layout was perfect. A balanced mix of VIP styles, JDM, USDM, track prepped builds, and euros. If you went to the show, you were surely to find something for your tastes on the show floor. You also had to notice and give credit to Wekfest for their impressive array of show vendors. From Nostalgic Grains to multiple wheel and parts dealers, Wekfest sold everything imaginable for your car.

Wekfest EastWekfest EastDSC_0084DSC_0037Wekfest EastWekfest EastDSC_0026Wekfest EastWekfest EastWekfest EastWekfest EastWekfest EastDSC_0008

Wekfest is truly a showcase of automotive creativity. The showroom year in and year out is always filled with passionate men and women who are a true testament to what the car scene has become. Every year Wekfest continues to show off the passion, the community of cars, and most importantly the refuge we take in our vehicles. This show represents a day that enthusiasts of the car scene, no matter what type of enthusiast they are, can come together in a place to celebrate. So, find out when Wekfest is having a show near you and get there quick!

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