Edition 38 Show & Shine // 2015 Show Coverage


Photos: Baz Tunnicliffe

Words: Mike Raffia & Baz Tunnicliffe

Lowered Lifestyle is US based, starting in Florida we branched out from there, but there is an insanely large scene to cover overseas that we’ve just barely hit on the surface. Lorin Gannon got it started with Irish Drift Championship coverage this year for us and now we have found something slightly different, but equally spectacular.

15 Years in the making, Edition 38 celebrates being one of the biggest shows in the UK and strictly VAG cars to boot. Finally, we found someone to cover this event and show us a really solid UK “dubs” show. I can’t wait to get to one myself, but for now I have to live through Bazs’ pictures.

In his eyes, the show was the biggest Edition yet and highlights didn’t stop at the show stage, the entire weekend is just a massive party. A key feature missing from US shows, but quite the staple of european shows, is the drive up stage for awards presentation. Instead of calling out car numbers and 99% of the audience never understanding which car won which award, they’re right front and center, no questions asked.

While I love variety in the car world just as much as anyone, there’ll always be a soft spot in me for VAG only shows like Edition 38. FixxFest, SoWo, and WinterFest are the shows that started this craziness for me, but Edition is just a different even more wild animal. I don’t have attendance numbers, but at 35 pounds entry for the weekend and just so many die hard fans, I would describe it as huge. The show was sold out.

Camping is another aspect tons of US shows are missing as well. Show & Shine has camping for the whole weekend. If you ask me that sounds like a safe alternative to the usual show, beers, and drive we have on the east coast.

Judging is a testament to how seriously this show is taken by organizers. The show winners role up on stage to get well deserved awards that aren’t limited to “best static” or “best wheels:, the details are seriously considered.

A huge Thank You goes out to Baz’ for getting us photos and delivering them quickly! We won’t be stopping at IDC and Edition 38, look for more to come from overseas to Lowered Lifestyle. In the meantime, here is the show summed up in his words;

“One of my all time favourite shows due to its laid back vibe and huge turn out.

This was one of the first weekend shows I ever attended, it was 2008 and I had my 1st modified car a 2004 VW Bora (Jetta) TDI – not prepared at all, I slept in the trunk.

In the past I have made a weekend of it, finishing early from work on the Friday and getting to the camp site to start the weekend off with copious amounts of alcohol and the like, as the years have gone by I’ve found myself less and less inclined to spend my nights raving and the days almost written off due to awful hang overs. Don’t get me wrong, the festival party atmosphere is awesome, but I’m 35 now and prefer a nice soft bed as opposed to a hastily assembled tent in a lumpy field or the trunk of my car.

This year, due to family commitments, I decided just to opt for the Sunday show day.

Woke at 6am Sunday morning to ensure I was up and ready to drive my friends the 40 or so miles to Overstone park in Northampton for one of, if not the largest, modified VAG shows in Europe.

Upon arriving, we paid our monies, and got in the long queue to get into the show field. This isn’t the cheapest show, but it is worth it.

After a pretty dismal Saturday, we were lucky Sunday’s weather was nice all day and I was as usual, sun burnt the next morning. It’s always good when arriving at a show to see the cars of friends and the builds that you’ve only managed to read about on the forums or catch glimpses of on Instagram.

I noticed the large turn out of Belgian, French, German and even Spanish vehicles that had made the trip from mainland Europe to our little island for the show. So many accents and languages being spoken as you walked around the main arena showing that this community really brings all walks of life together. There are families with their kids and guys with their girlfriends, all appreciating the hard work that everyone has put into their cars. Such a great mix of VAG metal too, there were old school air cooled VW’s getting the same attention as the factory fresh bagged RS6, Polo’s with roll cages and huge wings parked up next to the cleanest of mk1 golfs. Everything from highly tuned performance cars to the rusted out rat look motors. The detail and time and effort put into all of the cars on show at Edition 38 is always amazing.

For the very 1st time there was an announcement that the show field was full by 11am.

Although, this didn’t stop people parking up outside the show field and starting there own show and shine areas – on the outskirts of the main arena / camping fields there were plenty of non-vag cars. Plenty of slammed BMW’s and JDM beauties. Just because it’s a VAG show it doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate the rest of the spectrum. To be honest, some cars outside of the show field were grabbing my attention more than the ones inside it! That’s the only downside I can see, air and rotiforms seem to be the default choice along with a brightly coloured wrap. Don’t get me wrong, they look good, but it’s the really thoughtful little touches that grabbed by attention. For example the rusted 6n polo with another 1/2 polo as a trailer, it had so many little touches on it that I spent a good 15 minutes looking around it alone.

All in all; a great show and great to catch up with people from all over on a chilled summers Sunday. Bring on 2016..maybe I’ll get a local hotel and do the weekend thing again.”

Edition 38 Show & Shine // 2015Edition 38 Show & Shine // 2015Edition 38 Show & Shine // 2015Edition 38 Show & Shine // 2015

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