SEMA 2015: Day 1 Recap // Meet the Artists


Words by Kendra Aceto
Photos by Jeremy Stoutamyer & Kendra Aceto

Throughout the week of SEMA 2015 we will be posting daily recaps with special spotlights. With such a large event, it’s nearly impossible to cover everything, so we’d like to shed some light on a few things that stood out to us each day that may have otherwise been lost in the chaos that is SEMA.

SEMA 2015

One of the first things we saw upon entering the Las Vegas Convention Center, on the way to pick up our media credentials, was a sign that said “art walk.” Being photographers, we’re huge art nerds, so we scoped it out as soon as possible. Below are four of the artists who were a part of the art walk and were kind enough to speak with us and allow us to take their photos.

SEMA 2015
When we passed by Ed Tillrock’s booth, at first glance, we all thought “wow, those are really great black and white photos!” but upon further review we found that we were terribly mistaken. They weren’t photos at all but were actually gorgeous, hyper-realistic pencil drawings! Tillrock’s work is excruciatingly detailed and captures a moment in time, much like a photo. This is probably why his is art is so easily mistaken for photography and even joked with us about it when we asked. He sells original drawings, prints, and even does commissioned work. You can find more information on the “Pencil Specialist” at

SEMA 2015

Continuing on with the theme of black and white art, we met an artist who goes by the name Bomonster. All of his work starts out as a piece of white clay covered in a layer of black ink. He then uses a knife to scratch and draw into the darkness, revealing the contrasting white underneath. He mentioned that he noticed people who step into his gallery tend to recall doing a scratchboard art project while in primary school and that’s where they left it. Bomonster decided to expand on those skills and uses it as his personal medium for hot rod art. He sells original scratchboards of various sizes, prints, apparel, and he even takes on commissioned work. You can find more information at

SEMA 2015

The artwork of Tom Fritz is absolutely stunning and is something I could look at for hours. Each piece is saturated in color, each like its own unique individual sunset. However, they all look as though they’re moving much faster than a sunset ever could. Each painting has its own visual appeal, but they all portray quick hotrods, motorcycles, or other automobiles. Fritz offers his original paintings for sale, along with prints and posters. On top of that, he is open to commissioned work as well. More information can be found at

SEMA 2015

Max Grundy’s art is literally everywhere you turn at SEMA, and that’s because he created it. All of the signage and posters around the convention center were created by him specifically for this week, and the same goes for the past few years. Grundy’s style is unique in that it follows a specific style of a time not long since past – Russian WWII propaganda art. He uses drama and a certain kind of shock factor in his work, all centered around an automotive theme. He has an interesting take on art itself, and we urge you to read more about it on his website – He sells posters and prints, stickers, apparel, and more. He does commissioned work, however, he told us that at the moment he is fully booked with work for a full year.

SEMA 2015

We will be bringing you more little nuggets like this straight from SEMA following Day 2 of the event, so stay tuned! Please also feel free to leave comments with suggestions, questions, or things that you would like to see highlighted!

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