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We’ve all seen the hashtag attached to extravagant photos of Porsches and other elegant cars taken by talented photographers. We’ve all seen the Instagram account… But we’ve all wondered, what exactly is “ItsWhiteNoise”? Who is the woman behind the wheel of all of those black Porsches and the white SLS Black Series?

ItsWhiteNoise // FeatureItsWhiteNoise // Feature

Well, her name is Elizabeth White and while in Las Vegas for SEMA 2015, we were lucky enough to spend some time in the passenger seat of a couple of the Porsches to learn more about this movement that has gained so much momentum in so little time. Elizabeth has a background in building social communities and has worked in the automotive marketing, photography, and journalism worlds. This has given her the opportunity to learn all of the ins and outs of these various industries… However, she noticed something major that has been missing between the closely related fields of content production and automotive marketing – no true link between content producers, automotive enthusiasts, and those who do marketing for automotive companies. Instead, there is a bunch of “white noise” in between these layers, and Elizabeth has made it her mission to help others to cut through it (makes a lot of sense now, huh?).

It's White Noise // FeatureIt's White Noise // Feature

ItsWhiteNoise is about empowerment. Elizabeth wants it to be clear that this has nothing to do with her, and everything to do with the community – automotive enthusiasts, photographers, and videographers. She has assembled a small team, similar to the one she worked with when she did marketing for McLaren, whom she works very closely with to develop ItsWhiteNoise to perfection. This has been a long journey, and even so, it is still in its early stages.

ItsWhiteNoise is being built as a social community for select automotive enthusiasts, content generators, influencers, and industry leaders to experience, share, organize, and showcase deep and rich automotive content. The mission is to provide fresh, curated member-generated content to inspire vibrant conversations, build deep and rich community, and push the boundaries of how generations of car people consume content – delivering pure automotive enjoyment – and promoting those who generate the content.

Importantly, ItsWhiteNoise wants to democratize the creation of content and unify the fragmented automotive marketplace by leveraging its global automotive relationships – connecting photographers, videographers and writers who create sought after content directly with commercial consumers of that content in one, easy to use platform.  By participating, sharing, commenting, and contributing, members can also gain access to events and earn valuable merchandise and experiences.

ItsWhiteNoise // FeatureItsWhiteNoise // Feature

We don’t want to give too much away since the ItsWhiteNoise website has not officially launched yet, but here’s a little more detail about it. As mentioned earlier, it is a social platform. An important aspect to note, however, is that it will be membership-based. This isn’t because it is supposed to be a moneymaking machine, but rather it is to hold the quality of the content and the members to the highest standards. Once approved, members will have access to the website where they can build their own profiles and connect with other photographers, builders, owners, drivers, and commercial partners. Photographers will be able to upload a portfolio and for everything that you do on this website (such as uploading an image), you will earn credit which will enable you to get gear, tickets to automotive events, enter into contests, and more! This system ensures that your content and your profile stays fresh and up-to-date. This is good for you, and for people looking to find people like you.

It's White Noise // FeatureItsWhiteNoise // Feature

On the website you will also be able to publish your own content for others to see, comment on others’ content, and gain access to events. With all of the user-produced content posted on ItsWhiteNoise and the ability to leave comments, one problem came to mind – negativity from other users. When asked about the possibility of people “trolling” in comments and generally being mean – as the internet is known for – Elizabeth responded simply, “it is a self regulating system.” This means there are consequences, both good and bad, for what you do on ItsWhiteNoise – those who are flat out mean or rude will lose out; those who are active and contribute will be rewarded. In fact, other members, without being mean or rude in return, will be able to eventually exile (for lack of a better term) the users who are being negative – no matter who they are or how great their talents may be.

We think you will be pleasantly surprised by the possible rewards from ItsWhiteNoise, but again, we don’t want to give too much away… So you’ll have to wait for the official launch to learn more!

It's White Noise // Feature

We appreciate the opportunity to learn more about ItsWhiteNoise and look forward to ”Joining the Movement” officially in the coming months!

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