One American’s Attempt at a UK Dubs Show // EuroTripper 4


Car people want what they don’t have, it’s what makes our car world go round. I’ve brought this up before and I’ll keep bringing it up again and again, because it explains all of our actions that seem like craziness to non-car people. One of our favorite crazy Americans exhibiting these symptoms is Paul Barney, the man behind the EuroTripper show series. Paul has a thing for the classic British “Dub” scene, he likes the way they pour their passion into the cars and the shows. Over there, it’s all about some healthy competition between the car builders and the show creators themselves, who are held to some high standards just the same.

Paul has studied these shows for a few years now and done his best to bring the important parts back to South Florida. EuroTripper 4 built on the last three years of EuroTripper trial and error. He’s already been through two locations and a few show formats. This year, the team of volunteers helped Paul add some great small details that set ET4 up to be decidedly more “Dub”-ish.

First up, Mutts Nuts. Let’s take a minute to explain the name. Think of “Mutts Nuts” as another term for awesome, best of the best, classy, well-done, very nice, quality, clean, unique, or tasteful. The term is an expression of acknowledgement or appreciation for a car or a build. As Paul put it, “They say, that’s the Mutts Nuts.” How did Paul bring this into the show? To start, people were able to choose to apply for the show field at Jet Blue Park by applying to the Mutts Nuts selection process. The purpose of selection wasn’t to put people down, but rather make sure people weren’t just buying show field parking so they had a nice spot. Paul and team chose the cars for Mutts Nuts with some credence to staunch show supporters and even builds in progress that showed quality work even at the early stages. I trust Paul’s judgement and if you did see some cars in the other lots that should’ve been in the main field… most likely they just weren’t worried about showing, rather than being turned down.

Mutts Nuts threw attendees a bit of a plot twist because when it was time to recognize the cars that exemplified the Mutts Nuts expression, the field of top 30 contenders was literally wide open. The judges didn’t strictly consider cars in the show field, any car in any field that held up to the name had a fair chance. The whole concept highlighted anyone that brought something that represented the quality that keeps people coming to car shows. Some of our team favorites included the beautifully restored, plumb/red Saviero sitting out front, the Liberty Walk Lambo parked all crooked center field, and a right hand drive aplina wagon parked in the back lot. It was just sitting there teasing me with in all it’s stock glory.

At this point, the part of EuroTripper I was planning on writing about got washed out. In true British spirit, mother nature joined in and brought out the clouds, wind, and rain just half way through the show. The poor timing of the rainfall caused the show organizers to call off the car procession on the classic European car show feature stage. I’m still writing about it, but unfortunately since the parade across the stage didn’t happen there aren’t any pics to prove it really existed. Slippery ramps and wet grass didn’t seem like the conditions a health and safety department would have condoned for such an occasion.

Next year the hopes and dreams of the team are to keep building. Maybe next year the drive on stage… will take center stage. Ha. Mutts Nuts will grow and become a little more competitive as people start to understand what it’s all about. Although this strange little circus is taking up the front lawn of a stadium at Jet Blue Park each year, there is surely room to grow at the Red Sox training grounds. Pending cooperation from the clouds, next year will bring out more cars, more show features, and a more festive atmosphere. Not to say people didn’t enjoy themselves, but hey, wait for it… it did rain on our parade.

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