Nobarth // Scott Kepple’s Fiat 500


No, it’s not an Abarth – but it is an awesome little Fiat 500 that nobody has seen the likes of before, they call it, Nobarth. This fierce little hatchback was designed and built by Scott Kepple of Skepple INC., which specializes in wraps and liveries, along with web and graphic design. Scott has been building cars since 2003. His first build was a Mitsubishi Eclipse, but he soon moved on to several other cars including as a wide body Toyota MR-S and a custom “Skystice”. Sadly the Solstice (Skystice) met its untimely demise on the highway, which meant it was time for something new. Since he was working for a dealer at the time it made sense for him to make his next car a Fiat, so he rolled out of there with a new Fiat 500. The obvious question that many would ask is, why not go all-out and get the Abarth? Well, to put it quite simply, the Abarth didn’t exist here yet. 

Fast forward to today, and you’ll see a car that has undergone many variations. In fact, as it sits right now, this is the 5th wrap for this car. One of its most popular variations was a Star Wars themed R2D2 wrap (which was my personal favorite) – that is, until now. The current design took more than ten drafts to achieve its final look. His goal was to incorporate a WRC vibe with a never-ending design that flows continuously around the car. Scott choose to use KPMF for the wrap material because they set themselves apart with unique materials such as pearl and color-changing laminates. To make it even more special, the wrap was installed live at last year’s SGIA Expo by Status Pro of Atlanta, GA at the KPMF booth.

Choosing the wheels was a little bit easier than the wrap as he had already rocked fifteen52 Tarmacs during previous versions of the car. Since the Tarmacs held up so well Scott decided to stay with fifteen52, but change to the brand new Formula TRs to achieve a more motorsport inspired look. The lightweight construction and strength made them a great fit for the build and they can easily handle the day to day abuse.

The body has been modified by combining several different parts. Scott started with the DTM FiberWerkz kit that was built for the “POP” model 500, which was modified to fit the Sport model. This modification meant losing the bumpers and side skirts. The rear bumper was left stock while the front bumper has a Cavallino lip. To finish it off and give it a polished look he installed Abarth side skirts. One would never notice that this was frankensteined together because like with the wrap design, it all blends and looks like one custom made kit.

For the next part of the build he plans to move inside and work on a full racecar interior. We can’t wait to see what Scott has in store for the Nobarth and will be ready to share as soon as it is finished!

Personal note from Scott;
“I’ve been helping out behind the scenes for a while now, mainly with merchandise, but the occasional article here and there also. LLFAM is great, and I’m excited to be a part of it. Thank you so much Jeremy for the awesome shots, and Matt for having me as a featured car and my girlfriend Hayley for putting up with a Fiat owner in her daily life.”

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Nobarth Mod list:

fifteen52 Formula TR 16×9+15
Toyo Proxes R1R 225/45/R16
VMAXX Coilovers
500 Madness Go Pedal
500 Madness Weighted Shift Knob
500 Madness Short Throw Shifter Assembly
RRM Short Intake
RRM Engine Cover
RRM Timing Controller
Custom Exhaust
DTM Fiberwerkz Fender Flares
DTM Fiberwerkz Rear Duckbill
Cavallino Front Lip
Abarth Side Skirts
Ruff Brian Custom Headlights
Wrapped Rear Taillights
Custom Vinyl Wrap
Suede Headliner
Suede Interior Inserts
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