Static FRZ // Ernie’s Rocket Bunny FRS


When a rocket bunny pulls into a local car meet that consists of 50% lifted trucks and 50% muscle cars, you kind of take notice. This is how I met Ernie and his static “FRZ.” The moment this monstrosity rumbled by, I knew I had to show it to the world.

Static FRZStatic FRZ

An FRS with a BRZ bumper, it doesn’t leave much for the enthusiast to desire. Add on a rocket bunny kit, custom paint job, custom Watercooled Ind. wheels, and you’ve got a recipe for something that will really stand out from the crowd.

Static FRZStatic FRZ

My favorite thing about this build isn’t the extreme fitment – it isn’t the heavy camber or the big booty in the back, nor the custom made straight pipe exhaust. It’s the fact that this car was built, from top to bottom, entirely by its owner with a little help from some friends. He didn’t take the easy way out and pay someone to take care of the difficult parts. Instead, he took the time to install everything on his car himself, including mixing the paint and spraying that poison on his own. “Built not bought” is an understatement.

Static FRZStatic FRZ

When Ernie first bought his 2013 Scion FRS, his intentions weren’t so stancey. He started off building it as a performance machine – until the motor blew up. Once the motor was replaced and he was back on the road, he decided to go in a different direction with the car. He purchased a set of polished Watercooled Ind. LP1 wheels. Along with Scale Suspension and Swift Springs, he went to work. Next, came the changes to the body. He installed a BRZ front bumper and started hacking away at the bodywork to install the rocket bunny kit. With wider fenders he was able to go much lower and ended up with roughly -10 degrees of camber in the rear and -8 degrees in the front…for now. He wanted it to sound as aggressive as it looks, and what better way to do that than by fabricating and installing a 3” straight pipe exhaust?

Static FRZStatic FRZ

Then came paint. He had taught himself to paint cars and already had a few paint jobs under his belt, so it only made sense to do this on his own too. He first went from the factory pearl white to a rootbeer brown color native to the Toyota Tundra. After about six months, he grew bored of that color combination and changed it to what you see today. The olive green color was custom mixed, so you won’t be able to find it in any store. The polished wheels were painted gloss black to give it a more aggressive look.

Static FRZStatic FRZ

He’s already starting to get restless with the car again, so after a few months I’m sure we’ll be looking at something totally different, but equally as awesome.

To keep up with Ernie’s ever-changing build, follow him on Instagram: @static_frz



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Watercooled Ind. LP1 Wheels
18×12 -40, 18×11 -30 / 5.5 front lip, 6.5 rear lip

Scale Suspension

32k Swift Springs

2014 Subaru BRZ front bumper

Custom Olive Green paint

Custom 3” straight pipe exhaust

Strobe lights

Wearelikewise shifter and lug nuts

Rocket Bunny flares

OEM black housing headlights

Nardi steering wheel with NRG quick release

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