FittedUK 2016 // Show Coverage


Manchester, UK – July 31st, 2016. Don’t mind me living vicariously again, but another UK show has come and gone. This time around, Baz hit up FittedUK 2016 to give us some updates. FittedUK is a massive annual show, smack dab in the middle British summer. Clubs and vendors have massive displays indoors and out, the clubs take it quite seriously too, always trying to step up their booth show game, show after show. Vendors have to do that to stay competitive, clubs just do it because they love it, OK… maybe they sell some merch’ here and there.The show goes down in Manchester, UK, at the most obviously named venue ever, EventCity. Indoor venues are generally terrible for photographs and video, but the wide open industrial feel of the halls here created a unique look in most photos I’ve seen so flying around this week. It’s easy to distinguish photos from the show apart from ones taken at other recent events, that’s refreshing to say the least.FittedUK dedicated space not only to German cars, like a lot of Euro shows, but for imports, bikes, and luxury cars as well. While it is pretty much German heavy car show, sharing the love is important. If you look at the team page you might not have expected anything other than German cars in the show, since all the listed team members drive, well, VW’s. All the club stands were limited to German cars only and every club spot sold out well ahead of the event according to the site, seems like this show brings one hell of a following.Talking to people that actually went, there were a few crowd favorites. A certain bright orange 2002 tops the list for many, while a particular lupo stole the internet attention. They gave out awards to more officially recognize the work laid out in the show and shine event, but I have no idea who won what, so just check out the photos and choose your own. Baz piled them on this time, so there is a ton of coverage on Flickr, but here I’ve tried to pick out the few that help give a good sense of show atmosphere. Enjoy!LL Flickr Photo

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